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UX/UI Design 


3 Days

About the project

A company gave me this page as a test a while ago. Working on it was both interesting and challenging. I was able to work with various design approaches and presentation methods.

The Goal

The dashboard gives the user a global overview, as well as access to the most important data, functions, and controls. It is important to show only relevant information, clear visibility, and simple navigation.


Already having knowledge about the architecture of dashboards from past projects and knowing the audience from the test requirements, the next step was to use the right chart type, provide context and prioritize simplicity.

As a starting point, I used WordPress, Blogger, YouTube, and Google Analytics as a reference before creating a wireframe.


After creating a solid wireframe and defining a color palette of my choice, I began building data storytelling through various cards such as:

Users by the device (Desktop vs Tablets vs Mobile)
Demographic chart
Comments number in the last week
Number of new subscribers

Analytics Screen P1

The secondary proposal

UI Design 01

Early design iterations/tests.

Group 192

 The next project is  - Banking App Onboarding Flow