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Banking App Onboarding Flow


Personal Project


UX/UI Design 



About the project

Most of the screens presented here were designed mainly to explore creative concepts and constantly aim to improve my design skills. But some of them are part of real projects.


Site Analytics Dashboard

The dashboard gives the user a global overview, as well as access to the most important data, functions, and controls. It is important to show only relevant information, clear visibility, and simple navigation.


Smart Home Dashboard App

A Smart Home app that gives you complete control over your home and transforms the house or the apartment into an intelligent home. Controlling surveillance, lights, air conditioning, door communication, safety & security.


Task Manager App

This is a Task Manager App concept, where you can check your daily new tasks, updates, and see a detailed overview of a specific one.


Ecommerce Analytics 

E-commerce Analytics Screen where you can view your product or multiple product clicks/sales, unique users, sales summary, revenues, and other relevant data.


Restaurant Occupancy App

You can use this app to check the level of occupancy at restaurants in your neighborhood. If it meets your needs, you can make a reservation.


Xiaomi MI Fit Screen

My personal approach to the current MI Fit app design.
Exploring out the dark/light mode.


Banking App Onboarding Flow

People rely on a wide range of apps to perform their banking transactions. There is a need to simplify the process of creating a new account and using the best features from their Banking App.



Product Passport

Maximum visibility into every stage of the product lifecycle to evaluate environmental performance. Access information about the condition of the items - and how long they're projected to last - whenever you want.


 The next project is  - Post Office Application