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About the project

Small project that I started a few days back. The main scope was to create a simple but intuitive design for a post office or courier company. I've considered that the people who will use this application have average knowledge and ability to use computers, so everything has to be shown as dynamic as possible and on point. This interface will run mainly on a tablet.



The main goal of this interface is to check the location of a package, enter a new one into the system and send custom notifications. But it does not stop here :)

After you search by name or the code (ID), the result will have all the information that is also on the package ( Address, Sender, Cost, etc).

From this screen, you can send a push message to the person who has to pick up the package or confirm, when it is already present to be picked up.

Messages can be received in the form of a standard text or push notification in the dedicated application.

I know there is room for more functionalities, it would be a customizable platform according to the requirements of the company.

 The next project is  - Blog Analytics Screen